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{Rub Down} n. an aroma-therapeutic massage customized to specific issues in your tissues.

All of our therapists ROCK in their own, unique way. They are well-versed in all forms of massage from Swedish to trigger point, to deep tissue–and even cupping! This allows them to customize a Rub Down experience like no other. Our art-form is getting YOU to a state of zen (your happy place)—leaving you relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on your life again. We LOVE to treat & ELIMINATE: YUCKY stress, knotted-up-muscles, crappy migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, tired-preggie mamas, and of course: pesky neck, shoulder, and back pain.

We guarantee your overall satisfaction:)

choose your Rub Down:

* single

this is all about you. this is your time with your therapist, ocean waves, warm massage table, and time away from it all.

* preggie

mommy-to-be gentle Rub Down (we know which areas to stay away from *Careful* and which ones to dig into:)

* reflexology aka —foot gasm

foot-only Rub Down

Choose your Rate:

30 min | 60

60 min | 90

90 min | 120