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Relationship Coaching

Modern marriage has undergone a revolution. Never before have we wanted so much from our relationships, and yet we lack the skills to succeed. Today’s women want more emotional closeness than many men have been raised to deliver, leaving both sexes feeling frustrated and unheard.

In relationship coaching, we teach women and men how to master the new rules of 21st-century marriage by offering them a set of effective tools with which they can create the truly intimate relationships they desire and deserve.

You’ll learn how to identify and articulate your needs and wants. You’ll learn how to listen well and respond generously. You’ll learn how to set limits and stand up for yourself. You’ll learn to start taking ownership of your own childhood baggage. You’ll learn how to embrace and appreciate what you have.

This generation wants to be more than companions. We want to be lovers and friends and this takes an entirely new set of skills than our parents and grandparents taught us. Relationships today have a new set of rules to make love work, and this is what we teach in Relationship Coaching.

The difference between counseling and coaching is that counseling is incredibly continuous, and tends to focus on the issues which solves nothing, whereas coaching focuses on shifting the old patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that have been detrimental to your relationship – and learning new ones that empower you to create the relationship you crave.

Kelly Vandiver is a certified life coach and RLT (relational life therapy) practitioner and specializes in working with couples and singles. Call today to make your appointment which can be in person or over the phone at your convenience. 678-721-4244

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