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Brazilian Wax 101: FAQ (Frequently Avoided Questions)

I wrote this is for all my peeps out there who have never had a Brazilian but are curious about trying it, for those of you who are familiar with Brazilian waxing but maybe aren’t happy with their current service provider and are looking for an awesome one who ROCKS, and to help convince those who know little or nothing about Brazilian waxing to consider it as a valid service for hair removal. I have been where you are before: Nervous, Scared, AND chickened out a few times before I actually JUST DID IT for the first time. I have also been through my fair share of Brazilian waxes GONE BAD: I have had my skin ripped off, have had my labia slightly torn, have had the awkward non-talkative & silent technician, the one who left all kinds of pubic hair behind, wax residue (which equals Sticky ASS. ) Trust me, I have “been there and done that” when it concerns The Brazilian Wax.

Once You Go Brazilian – You Never Go Back

The typical reasons most people begin thinking about or decide to get a Brazilian wax:

  • Some people get Brazilian waxing done because it just FEELS FREAKING AWESOME. It feels cleaner, smoother, and sexier giving them a greater level of self-confidence in social situations, especially when wearing the bikini, mommy-kini, or…during intimate moments BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!
  • Some consider Brazilian waxing for special occasions like an anniversary, honeymoon, vacation, or just to SPICE THINGS UP a bit with their Honey.
  • Many are LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION to the crappy issues associated with regular shaving in the bikini area such as breakouts (bumps), irritation, and ingrown hairs.

Now, If You’re Thinking About Getting A Brazilian Wax, But You’re Too Nervous Or Scared, And You’re THINKING: “HELL NO, THIS SHIT IS GOING TO HURT WAY TO MUCH”, Then You Will Be Relieved To Know The Truth Is That It’s Not That Bad. And After It’s Over, YOU WILL LOVE THE RESULTS…But That’s ONLY If You CHOOSE THE RIGHT SERVICE PROVIDER. THIS IS KEY YA’LL.

Learn The Problems You Will Have With Most Brazilian Wax Shops And How My Unique Wax Techniques Kick Them All To The Curb, Making Sure That Your First Wax Experience Is Not Your Last!

Read MORE To Understand What To Look For And What To Avoid When Choosing A Service Provider For Your Brazilian Wax.

Top 4 Things You Should Know Before You Get Your First Brazilian Wax

1. How To Get Over Being Scared?–Talk To Someone In The Biz.

It Makes TOTAL Sense That You May Be Nervous, Anxious, Scared, And Maybe Even A Little Embarrassed About Getting Your First Brazilian Wax. You Might Chicken Out Altogether If You Come Across A Service Provider Who Has Piss-Poor Communication Skills, No Eye Contact (awkward!), Can’t Answer Your Questions Satisfactorily, And Doesn’t Smile And Instantly Make You Feel Comfortable Right From The Start. For a service that is so intimate in nature, you need to feel like the person that will be working with you is professional, personable, caring, kind, and thoughtful about your fears and anxieties and can fully answer any questions you have before, during, and after your appointment. It’s important for most new clients that the person working with them takes the time to explain everything first so that they feel completely comfortable and know that they will be talked through the whole process if necessary. That’s something that just makes the experience so much more relaxing and pleasant. If you call and they aren’t helpful or thorough on the phone and give you “short” answers, then you probably aren’t going to feel comfortable going there either. WE LIVE FOR THIS STUFF, So EITHER NED, (MY SWEET HUBS & MY PERSONAL ASSISTANT—WHO KNOWS THE SITCH BECAUSE HE GETS WAXED ON THE REGULAR) Or Myself Can Answer Your Questions.

To Help Make Sure You Don’t Have A Potentially Nerve-Wracking Brazilian Wax For Your First Time, I Encourage You To Do One Or All Of The Following First:

  • Get on my Website And Read It At Least TWICE
  • Call Service Providers Directly (Our Number Is 678-721-4244 And Ask To Speak To Kelly For Brazilian Waxing)
  • Send An Email With Your Questions:

2. The Most Important Thing About A Brazilian Wax…The End Result (No Pun Intended)

At Some Waxing Shops, You May Not Always Get A Thorough Wax & Clean-Up. Sometimes The Results Of The Service Fluctuate Depending On:

  • Who You Get That Day
  • Professionalism
  • Experience, Skill Level & Training Of The Technician
  • The Technique That They Use And The Ones They Don’t
  • Whether They Are Client Centered Or Profit Centered.

You want to get the results you expect, no excuses; no exceptions. Right? HELLZ YEAH. So, if you go to one of “those places” that offer a really cheap price for a Brazilian wax then beware that most of them use a “cookie cutter” one size fits all waxing technique for every Brazilian Wax they do. For a few people, those half-assed procedures might work fine, but for most people, that method is going to leave you very disappointed. That’s because everyone is different “down there” and there is no one technique that works perfectly for every person.

*IMPORTANT TIP* And this is a tip I give to all my girlfriends: Places that use “waxing templates” will claim to be faster and cheaper but their focus is on getting you in and out quickly and never on a thorough wax. After all, the most important thing about a Brazilian wax service is to get professional, clean, COMPLETE hair removal that will leave you smooth and sexy for weeks, your skin healthy and intact, and FEELING LIKE A SEXY BIOTCH.

To Ensure That You Never Get Crap Results At Our Spa, I Follow A “No Hair Left Behind” Final Inspection Protocol For Brazilian Waxing. Now That May Sound Crazy, But What’s Crazier Is To Pay For A Brazilian Wax And Then Go Home To Find Out That You’re Going To Have To Shave Or Pluck Out The Hairs They Missed. There Will Always Be A Few Hairs That Are Just Too Dang Short to Wax OR Pluck. Just Let Those Grow In, And We Will Get Those The Next Time 🙂

3. I’m Ready To Go-For-It, But I Am Scared-Shitless About How Much I Think It May Hurt! “That Brazilian Wax Was So Painful…

“I Was Tempted To Get Up And Walk Out Half Done!!!” That’s What You’ll Be Saying If You Get A Technician Who Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing and Whose Waxing Technique Doesn’t Include Methods To Manage And Minimize Your Level Of Discomfort. There are plenty of people who do Brazilian waxing, that doesn’t mean they’re good or, even mediocre at it. Kinda like a hairdresser-there are lots of them. That doesn’t mean they will all give you KILLER hair. You want a technician who knows and uses a smart waxing strategy, gifted in what I call, “The Art Of The Pull” to purposefully minimize your discomfort. In other words, you don’t want someone who has no real method to what they are doing. You’ll suffer needlessly if you get a thoughtless technician who just performs their waxing routine exactly the same on every client. If that is what you get, I CAN GUARANTEE your experience will be much more painful, messy, and take way longer than it should.

That won’t happen with a waxing technician who has experience, knows exactly what they are doing, and is client oriented. Client oriented means that they work to give you a perfect result while managing your discomfort to a level you can live with. There Is No Such Thing As A Pain Free Brazilian Wax. However, It Should NEVER Be Excruciatingly Painful Either, And Eventually – With Regular Treatments, Becomes Pretty Ouchless! There Is A Happy Medium That Anyone Can Tolerate. I Have Over 14 Years Of Experience, Am The Expert To The Experts, And Have Invented My Own Unique Method For Brazilian Waxing That Drastically Minimizes Your Level Of Discomfort With The Brazilian Wax. If You Have Had Brazilian Waxes Elsewhere, You’ll Be Surprised How Much Less Discomfort You’ll Experience with My Strategic and Precise Waxing Methods.

4. Does It Matter What Kind Of Wax They Use?

Why YES, YES It Does. GREAT QUESTION. PLEASE Be Aware That Not All Waxing Products Are Equal in Quality and Performance. If You End Up At A Place That Uses Poor Quality, Cheap Waxing Products, You Will Be Taking On A Big Risk Of Having A Lot More Pain And Poor Results Which Equals A REALLY Shitty Waxing Experience/Wax Horror Story. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

You want only high quality, gold-standard wax and waxing products used on your body. Remember, low quality products means more pain, more time, less thorough job, and later on you may develop skin irritations or reactions. Low quality waxing products WILL NOT provide you with best experience for your Brazilian wax.

Only The BEST For My Clients!

I Use The Best Of The Best Hard Wax That Is Imported To Me From France, And Is Considered “The Gold-Standard” For Brazilian Waxing. The Advantage Of Our Hard Wax Is That It Helps To Minimize Discomfort During Your Wax.

  • Hard Wax Pulls Less (Which Means Less Discomfort)
  • Does NOT Stick To Skin
  • Does Not Break Off Hairs Like Soft Wax And Cloth Strips That Some Places Use.
  • Comfortable Temperature Going On

Frequently AVOIDED Questions 🙂

Q: What is a Brazilian Bikini Wax?

A: A small strip of hair is sometimes left if client prefers, but usually, all hair from the pubic area and anal area is removed.

Q: How long should I grow my hair out?

A: You need to have at least 3-4 weeks of undisturbed hair growth. This is because hair growth occurs in three different stages. It takes 3-4 weeks for the shortest hairs to be long enough to be removed. If you have less than 3-4 weeks growth then your waxing won’t be as smooth as you’d like it and your results won’t be as long lasting.

Q: How long is too long for hair to be when getting a Brazilian?

A: If your hair is more than 1″ long, especially along the “lip” area, then it needs to be trimmed down to at least 3/4-1″ with clippers with a guard. Please do all your trimming at home as we do not provide this service at our facility. Otherwise, if you hair is too long, the experience is very messy and a lot more painful than it ordinarily would be.

Q: What is the pain factor for a Brazilian (does it hurt)?

A: The fear of the pain is usually the greatest concern for most people who have never had a Brazilian wax. The TRUTH is that most people who go ahead and get it done say that it wasn’t as bad as what they had imagined. The level of discomfort you experience will vary depending on your pain threshold, your hair length, whether or not it is your first time for a Brazilian wax, the type of wax used (quality hard wax is best – what we use), the waxing technique used, and the experience of your technician. Just a tip: You may take an extra strength pain reliever about 30 minutes prior to your appointment to help take the edge off. Bottom line: It’s not as bad as you think and we talk you through the whole thing and before you know it you’re done.

Q: Will I be red, itchy or breakout after a waxing?

A: It depends on each individual and how sensitive they are to the procedure. Redness is very common but usually goes down within 24-48 hours, usually no itchiness.

Q: What can I put on my skin to eliminate the rashiness or ingrowns?

A: For a rashy sensitive skin the best things are either cortisone over the counter A&D Ointment…yes the baby diaper rash ointment, if it can get rid of a diaper rash you should see how it works after waxing! For Ingrown hairs, I recommend PFB, Which ROCKS. We Retail This At The Spa For Your Convenience, OUR CLIENTS LOVE THIS STUFF, and we are constantly re-stocking it.

Q: When should I come back for my next Brazilian?

A: At least 3-6 weeks, that is about the normal time for regrowth and if you go much past that it will be like having it done for the first time again but if you keep up on the maintenance the hair comes out easier and it’s WAY less painful, and becomes pretty ouchless. I promise 🙂

Q: Should I be aware of what to do or not to do after a Brazilian?

A: No chlorine, no working out and sweating hard, or tanning for 24 hours since the area is so sensitive it is best not to bring on any irritation. So for those special getaways or romantic nights it’s best to wax 24 hours before hand.

Q: Times to avoid getting a Brazilian?

A: Before your monthly cycle is not the best time to get a Brazilian wax since the whole body is sensitive. The best time, if you can work it out right, will be after your monthly cycle up to 7 days before. But-YOU CAN WAX DURING YOUR PERIOD—JUST TAMPON IT UP BABY! Remember that caffeine is a stimulant as well so if it’s fresh in your system it can add to the ouch factor. Tylenol or an extra strength pain reliever is fine to take up to 30 minutes before your appointment.

Q: How long does it take to have a Brazilian done?

A: For those of us who have been doing this a while it takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on your hair and how much there is to wax and the coarseness. We allow 30 minutes for all Brazilians just so you don’t feel rushed.

Q: How sanitary is the Brazilian Waxing process?

A: I Follow A VERY STRICT “NO DOUBLE DIPPING” Rule. Period. And If The Place You Go Does Not, That Is Some Nasty Shizzle – And I Would Not Recommend Ever Going Back. Gloves should be worn at all times and the tweezers should come out of a sterilizing jar/tray full of alcohol or an airtight container of implements that have already been sanitized.

Do You Have A Question About Brazilian Waxing? CALL US! We LIVE For This Stuff 🙂 See You Soon