Greenleaf Day Spa offers many spa services and one of our most popular services we are famous for is: Brazilian Waxing.

Brazilian Waxing

You’ve probably heard of Brazilian Waxing and if you are a virgin to this type of waxing, you might have several apprehensions about it. I know I did! So what really is Brazilian waxing anyways? It is the removal of the pubic hair from front to back and includes very sensitive areas of your body such as the labia and anus. For men, even the hair on their testicles is removed during Brazilian waxing. We call this a “Manzilian” or “Brozilian.” Either term is acceptable.

Brazilian waxing in the U.S. was popularized big time by the hit TV series, Sex and the City. Before, a small patch of hair was kept by people who had Brazilian waxing but most people nowadays prefer getting every inch of their vajayjay waxed.

So, what are the benefits of Brazilian Waxing? Way too many to name in one blog post, but a buffed muff always means better sensation during sex. I don’t know about you but that fact alone was enough for me to be hooked for life! Recent studies also indicate that men prefer giving oral sex to their partners without any hair…down there. And Men, We women feel the same!

Women tell me on the daily that they just feel smoother, sexier, lighter, cleaner, and more sensuous after getting a Brazilian wax!

So what’s the normal procedure for this?

At Greenleaf Day Spa, our clients are taken into a treatment room. The client hops on the treatment table and lies down on a pillow. Open sesame, and we get started!

My certifications and licensure are posted at all times at the spa which will lets you know I’m legit and more than qualified to perform any of the services that we offer.

It’s important that you feel very relaxed during the procedure. Every single client that comes through our doors falls in love with us because our gift is that we make everyone feel like family. My zone of genius is disarming everyone who is a client with deep listening, and authentic care and concern. I am very particular with hygiene and always use gloves and sterile equipment. Oh, and absolutely NO DOUBLE DIPPING HERE. Hells to the no. That’s nasty, not sterile, and not acceptable in my book. Some spas do it to save money, I refuse. My clients tease me all the time about the amount of sticks I go through!

What to expect with Brazilian Waxing?

As with most “first times” Brazilian Waxing can be a little painful. But not too bad and honestly 99% of my clients all say: “Well that wasn’t so bad! Why didn’t I do it sooner?!” when we are done. I talk you through the entire thing to insure you are most comfortable. I’ve done thousands Brazilian Waxing treatments and I already know like the back of my hand the method of minimizing your pain and discomfort as much as humanly possible. And once you’ve been waxing for just a few months you’ll notice that there’s barely any pain at all. The wax becomes pretty tolerable and for some, almost ouchless.

Please feel free to drop us a line for any questions you have about Brazilian Waxing and we look forward to seeing you soon!