I know I’ve been MIA lately, so let me apologize and catch you up to speed…

I am so sorry for not writing for a couple of months. It is never my intention to ignore my clients and I want you to know that you’ve been on my mind. All of my clients are precious to me, so thank you for being you<3 and I promise i haven’t been ignoring you.

You see, right after our last trip to Jamaica in the beginning of June, in fact…the night we got back from our trip, my beautiful Mother, Rhonda, died very unexpectedly from respiratory complications. It most surely has taken the wind out of my sail and I’m still grieving her loss. I put up a strong face, and know that I will be okay…I guess it just takes time to move past things like this. I miss her dearly. My mojo has most surely been effected, but not nearly as much as my Dad’s has. He is lost right now without her, and I feel every bit of his hurt. Please keep him in your prayers.

So, that being said…I am little by little getting back into the swing of my sassy self. About 6 weeks ago after mom passed, I went on a no sugar, no alcohol, no shitty carbs food plan and began working out with a personal trainer 3 days per week. I am feeling stronger and better each passing day, and have dropped a few pounds in the process. The no sugar, no carb, no alcohol thing…it’s effing HARD!!! I’m not gonna lie. But the cravings do dwindle down after you eliminate these things.

Some GOOD news though, and big announcement…MY Awesome, sweet, handsome husband, Ned is now officially a Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer. I am SO Proud of him, and so happy that he has found his niche in life. He is an amazing practitioner with a true healer gift from God. It’s truly what he’s meant to do and to teach. He absolutely loves it!

People ask me all the time what Reiki is, so we have created a Reiki 101 page for you to learn more. Click here to learn more about Reiki, but the short and sweet version is: Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that’s been practiced for thousands of years in the east, and is just now gaining popularity in the western world here. So many people have never heard of this healing modality for this reason. Reiki reduces anxiety, stress, promotes healing in the body, and aids the body in coming into balance and harmony. It is now being paid for by insurance and hospitals are even employing reiki practitioners…so we are gaining much ground! I personally couldn’t live without it. It has changed my life.

In fact, last year I became a Reiki master as part of my continuing education for my licensure and that’s how Ned was introduced to it. Mostly, I am much more calm, and very self-aware. More so than I ever have been.

So, if you’re stressed, pressed, overwhelmed, depressed, or feel anxious about anything going on in your life, I promise you Reiki is the thing to try. It works when everything else hasn’t. It’s just awesome and we have gotten rave reviews.

If you have any questions after reading the Reiki 101 page, or you’d like to book your Reiki session, please call us: 678-721-4244.