Fall Equinox is upon us, and the changing of the seasons is always the perfect time for you to let the things, habits, beliefs that are no longer serving you GO BYE-BYE.

This is THE  terrible lie we allow ourselves to believe and eventually our souls &  our bodies catch up to it. They figure us  out, and they begin to turn their backs on that which the  mind has been spewing forth. We are getting  fatter, sicker, more inflamed, and more addicted as  the years fly by. The toxicity in the American food  supply is at an all-time high, and the  unhealthy conveniences are as well.

The truth is…you can only care for others when you are taking care of yourself FIRST. You know this in your bones to be true.

Why would you take such care of everyone else’s needs, and neglect your own? If you are exhausted, stressed, anxiety-ridden, sleep-deprived, tired of the un-ending cycles of insomnia, headaches, inflamed, in pain…these are symptoms of the HUGE EPIDEMIC among women in our modern-day western culture: “I COME LAST.” Is this you?


Whether it’s having quiet time to yourself each day to drink some lemon water first thing upon waking (which is one of the best tips EVER), meditate, taking a walk aout with nature, getting your nails done, getting your massage or spa treatment, having some girl time, taking an aromatherapy bath with Epsom salts, self-pleasuring, or simply reading a book…self-care rituals are vital and they come first, whatever they look like for you. MAKE THEM YOUR NEW NORMAL, START SIMPLE, IMPLEMENT EACH PRACTICE DAILY FOR 21 DAYS, AND WATCH YOUR LIFE TRANSFORM.                                                 

With all of that being said, and with fall in the air, it is TIME TO BREAK OUT THE PUMPKIN SPA TREATMENT SPECIALS! They only happen once per year, so check them out, make it a priority to take charge of your health and vitality as a woman, and schedule a time this fall to come take time out for YOU mama.