Summer is in full force and I don’t know about your backyard…but in mine, the flying pests are total jerks! Mosquitoes, wasps, flies…BLECK! Get Away!! I get SO many questions about this topic of natural insect repellent, so I decided to go ahead and blog about it–and send it out to you.

As a hippy-mama, and one concerned about the optimal health of my babies, there is NO WAY I would EVER let Deet ever touch their precious skin. I don’t put it on myself, and I am definitely not putting it on them! What Is Deet you ask? Deet is a highly toxic pesticide that is in most over-the-counter insect repellants. Not only is it neurotoxic–it absorbs through your child’s skin and goes right into their blood stream. Nice huh? Deet has been known to cause the following: cancers, deaths, seizures. Yes, I know. That was enough information for me to quickly seek out a natural alternative provided by good ole’ God & Mother Nature. And guess what…I found one that works better than any nasty Deet-ridden spray any day, and I can spray it all over my babies and feel great about it.
ENTER: ESSENTIAL OILS. Essential oils are to Plants, What our blood is to us. The  oils are what carry oxygen throughout the plant to its various parts-similar to our blood.  They are made of the same stuff we are–so this is why they work so well on and in our  bodies. They are natural. They are safe. They are our secret, God-intended health  weapons:) NOW LET’S KICK SOME PESTS TO THE CURB…NATURALLY!

The main oils in this spray are a blend of essential oils called TerraShield. It smells  delicious, but the pests absolutely HATE it!  So with a few spritzes of this natural bug repellent those little shits will fly away! This is an all natural mosquito and insect repellant & TerraShield is primarily a bug repellent that will ward off biting insects:


Here is the simple recipe!


distilled water

30 drops of doTERRA TerraShield Essential Oil Blend

10 drops of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil


In the bottom of a 4 oz. spray bottle, add TerraShield and Lemon essential oils. Fill the remainder of the spray bottle with distilled water Shake well before use!

Simple, quick, and worth it! This bug repellent is easy to spray on your skin and/or clothes on your way out the door before you hit the great outdoors!

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Comment below and let me know how you like this kid-friendly, healthy insect repellent! ENJOY!!