I wanted to come to you this week with some yummy tips for Valentine’s Day. When I started to think about topics, instantly I knew this week, it would be all about Love, Sex, and Essential Oils. I enlisted the expertise of my teacher, Roz Zollinger, who introduced me to essential oils years ago in massage & spa therapies school. This is what she shared with me and I hope you enjoy;)

112 Dictionary.com defines an aphrodisiac as a substance that  increases sexual desire.The name comes from  Aphrodite,  the Greek  goddess of sexuality and love. Throughout history, many foods,  drinks, and behaviors have  had a reputation  for making sex more  attainable and/or pleasurable.
A romantic evening of massage, orgasms, mind-blowing sex &  connection is something most women dream about.  It is  totally  possible with the right partner (someone you really trust-spouse-  partner) and some liquid gold baby!  Bring  on the essential oils!!!


Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy
The term aphrodisiac basically refers to those substances that stimulate passionate sexual desire in both men and  women. There are tons of toxic manufactured products on the market that are created specifically for this exact  purpose but they aren’t true aphrodisiacs. Only natural substances, essential oils, herbs, some foods possess these  intrinsic properties. There are several reasons why an individual can lose their desire for intimacy which always boils down to physical or mental stress, depression, anxiety, lack of proper nutrition, et al. Aphrodisiacs can be introduced into the system to set the mood for intimacy baby!
How Essential Oils Raise Libido

Scent affects our bodily processes and responses. This explains why the natural habit of applying perfume or cologne is so widespread in a world inhabited by we social beings known as humans.
Scientifically speaking, the scent inhaled reaches through your limbic system, which is responsible for triggering emotional or behavioral responses to a given stimulus. So, you can most definitely use essential oils to produce an effect that you want from your partner. Most aphrodisiac essential oils work by raising the body temperature through their warm and rich aromas. Once the body has reached the ideal temperature, that is when the sensual and euphoric properties of essential oils go to work and trigger your brain to get busy:)

In order to raise our libido, we have to first raise our body temperature. The aphrodisiac essential oils are warm, rich aromas that come from spices, plants and certain flowers. Aphrodisiac aromatherapy works to calm, soothe, stimulate and reduce stress, or negative energy. Because impotence and frigidity are most often associated with stress, emotion and psychology, plants that work to calm and soothe while actively stimulating hormonal production and reducing stress and anxiety are key elements in an active and healthy sex life.

*A Sexy Fun Fact From Roz*

pure unrefined coconut oil is a safe, effective and warming lubricant;)


Now For The Fun Stuff:

Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy Recipe Blends (yes, we recommend trying these at home;)

Aphrodisiac Blend For Her:

4 drops Jasmine essential oil
3 drops Sandalwood essential oil
2 drops Patchouli essential oil
4 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil
3 drops of Rose essential oil
3 drops vanilla absolute

Add this to 2 ounces of carrier oil, such as jojoba or fractionated coconut oil

Aphrodisiac Blend For Him:

4 drops of Atlas Cedarwood essential oil
4 drops of Sandalwood essential oil
2 drops of Patchouli essential oil
3 drops of peppermint essential oil
4 drops of Lavender essential oil
3 drops ginger essential oil
Add this to 2 ounces of carrier oil, such as jojoba, or fractionated coconut oil

Hot & Sexy Rub

2 drops cinnamon essential oil
1 drop clove essential oil
2 drops peppermint essential oil
1 drop ginger
3 drops jasmine or rose essential oil
3 drops vanilla absolute
Add this to 2 ounces of organic coconut oil and massage the body. Be very careful as cinnamon essential oil is VERY warming and sensitizing, so you may want to try adding more carrier (coconut oil) to the blend to tone it down if it’s too hot for you.

Hot & Sexy Bath With Your Honey

one cup refined sea salt
one cup baking soda
1 or 2 tablespoons (not more) of almond oil
8 drops Ylang Ylang
8 drops Bergamot
6 drops Patchouli
6 drops Bay Laurel or Frankincense
4 drops Jasmine

Mix these together in a large stainless steel bowl and pour a handful into your bath when the water is ready. Lay back and enjoy:)

Roz Zollinger is the queen bee of aromatherapy and Founder of Heal Center in Atlanta. To learn more about her classes & The Heal Center check it out here: www.healcenteratlanta.com

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