Sorry it’s been a few weeks since I have written. I’ve been in somewhat of a whirlwind love-affair with myself. Leaning inward, introspecting, laying out my vision, and getting clear on my desires for 2014.
One of my desires is to reach out and work with/collaborate with other like-minded women to change the world, so of course when I was asked for an interview by my beautiful friend Elena Lipson, that was a very easy, “Hell Yes!” 🙂
Elena wanted my take on “Divine self-care.”


Check out the interview here (
Don’t ever forget this…
“We give so much every day. Taking care of everyone else’s needs. Making sure everything gets done. It’s easy to lose yourself. Take a day, an evening, or even an hour. Close all the doors to you. You are a gift to your world. Wrap yourself up and listen.”