My heart broke yesterday. Something finally thawed in me, and I saw very clearly for the first time what my true purpose here is in this life, and I found myself literally sobbing and crying as I was giving my new client a massage. You see, two special women have come into my life in just the last week. These beautiful women wreak of nothing but love, sweetness, heart, and soul-and I am positive God sent them to me for such a time as this in my life.
Outwardly their stories sounded very similar to many women I have heard in the last few years that walk through my doors. “I eat too much, I drink too much diet soda, I give too much, I have worked too hard, my job nearly broke my body, and I’m on pharmaceutical medications…” and I could name 20 more examples of the same themes I hear on a daily basis.
I felt drawn to these women, and I guess maybe my spirit had just had enough of keeping quiet, and I realized yesterday-when a 70-year-old woman walked into my life hobbling with a cane, in quiet agonizing pain because she is so gracefully holding it all in, I just had to let her know what was going on, just as I let my 50-year-old client know late last week. 50 and 70-years old is YOUNG!

What is going on in our beautiful country is not  okay. My calling in this life is to be a voice for  all of the women, young and old-who don’t have  a voice, who feel guilty for taking care of  themselves first, who don’t know better and  need to know better, and who need protecting  against f*cked up government, doctors,  insurance companies, drug companies, and  food  companies who all stand to gain a whole  LOTTA cash when you, I, our children, families,  and  friends are sick as hell. These people want  us so sick that we crawl to them week after  week,  month after month with a new ailment  needing a new prescription, new remedy, and    surgery,  chemotherapy, an answer,  just SOMETHING to ease the pain.

Kelly, it breaks my heart to witness that they are winning…and it has to stop. Never in my 15  years as a therapist have I seen so many cancers, prescriptions, tumors, arthritis,  inflammation, pain, headaches, fibromyalgia as I do today. It is not natural. I am literally  watching my clients of 8,10,12 years die each year between the ages of 45 and 70 from  diseases that were not this prevalent 14 years ago when I opened Greenleaf Day Spa.
I could go on and on and on and on and on and on. But I won’t because I have to go catch a  few z’s. Plus, I could never express the information you’re about to learn better than the  people who produced it. I wrote this because I wanted to evoke a response and get you to watch the links below that I have attached within this email. They opened my eyes, awakened me, and changed my life, as well as many I know and love–clients and family.This is a grassroots responsibility and I pray that when you watch them, you get pissed, you join me and take your health into your own hands, and you share the information with everyone you know. I for one, really wish to be here with my husband, babies, future grandbabies, and family for many decades to come. Don’t you?
Coming from a place of only love: Ignorance is not bliss. It is a death sentence.That is the truth. Get pissed, and let’s spread the word. We are all here for one another. Stay positive and informed.
‘Sweet Misery, a Poisoned World’ amazing eye-opening documentary all about the murderous and infamous Aspartame

‘Doctored’ a must-see documentary that every person should watch 5 times at least

‘Forks over knives’ I highly recommend, amazing film about the health benefits of an organic plant-based diet.

‘Food Inc.’ is a must-watch for every person. Ignorance is not bliss, it is a death-sentence.


  Here’s to a happy, healing, healthful, abundant, life that God     intended,

   Love, light, and gratitude,